Gallery Safari Desert Dxb Are you feeling boredom in your life. Do you want to so, There are many ways of entertainment and, recreation. Are you feeling To visit because, parks with your family is one of them. Are you feeling There are many parks in Dubai but, the Global Theme Park Village is the best of them. is a festival park which brings cultures together. There are a lot of things mysterious about global village e.g. part theme park pavilions with displays from countries market restaurants etc.

Gallery Safari Desert Dxb It is an integrated family destination for culture. entertainment recreation and, shopping in the region. You can enjoy shopping dining offer guests. activities and, many more. It the cultures of countries of the world in a festival and, you can take guests on a journey. You can enjoy all these experiences by purchasing a ticket of AED 15 only.

When you plan to visit the park there are many factors to consider before visiting. The park timing is from Saturday to Wednesday from 4:00 pm-12:00 am and, usually gates close at 11:30pm but, park remains open for late-night during public holidays Thursday and, Friday from 4:00 pm -1:00 am and, entry gates close at 12:30 am.